Every year, over 100,000 individuals undergo a hernia repair operation. It is common for surgeons to use some form of hernia mesh that is intended to give more support to the repaired herniated site. A hernia occurs when weakened or stretched apart abdominal muscles allow an open area in the abdominal or pelvic supportive musculature. This can result in the underlying intestines bulging out through the hole. If the intestine becomes stuck, serious complications including death can arise if the oxygen-starved and strangulated intestinal portion is not surgically repaired quickly.  If you believe you’re suffering from hernia mesh problems please contact a Hernia Mesh Attorney at Shamis & Gentile, P.A.

Overview of Routine Hernia Repair Surgery

In a routine hernia repair operation, the surgeon will repair the hernia site by pulling the abdominal/pelvic muscles back together and stitch them closed. If a portion of the intestine is bulging through the hernia opening, the surgeon will carefully reduce, or push back, the intestine and assess for further problems before closing the herniation. It is very common for surgeons to use some type of a hernia mesh patch to reinforce the surgical repair as hernias can reappear again.

Serious Hernia Mesh Problems to Look for

Unfortunately, serious hernia mesh problems have been documented and attributed to a type of hernia mesh commonly used. Some of the most frequent complications of hernia mesh include infections, mesh migration, mesh graft failure, severe abdominal or pelvic pain, flu-like symptoms, fever, reddened incision/wound site and many more. These mesh initiated problems often require more surgery and medical treatment. Severe scarring may occur, and these adhesions can affect important abdominal organs possibly resulting in life threatening bowel strangulation incidents and/or deadly bowel blockages. Untreated infections from the initial surgical site can spread into the bloodstream causing septicemia which can result in death if not treated aggressively with antibiotics rapidly.

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