Many people have undergone surgery to repair their hernias. Often, surgeons opt to use some type of mesh material to reinforce the hernia site. Unfortunately, some surgical mesh products have been found to cause harm to the patient as a result of mesh product defects. These injuries might be severe with patients reporting that they had to undergo another surgery to remove the defective product and repair the hernia site with another product or other surgical procedure. Anyone that has already had complications regarding a hernia repair operation, with surgical mesh placement, are urged to contact the Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyers today.

Physiomesh Recall Lawsuits

There has been a Physiomesh recall that surgeons were made aware of. As a result, there is a Physiomesh Lawsuit filed to compensate victims that developed later complications that include mesh rejection, mesh placement site infection, pain and recurrence of hernia due to some defect in a surgical mesh product. Anyone who has noticed adverse symptoms, or suspect complications of hernia mesh surgery, should immediately contact a personal injury attorney to determine if they are eligible for compensation. If a past hernia mesh surgical patient suffers injury, complications or death, they or their loved ones might receive a portion of the monetary settlement and/or payment of future necessary treatments or surgeries.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyers Consultation

It is critical to consult with experienced and reputable Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyers who will have the necessary details on various surgical product recalls and settlements ordered by the court. Everyone concerned about their recent or past hernia repair surgeries can contact the firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. for a legal consultation to evaluate their specific case status. These legal experts have successfully represented many individuals in medical product personal injury lawsuits. All surgical products are marked with a tracking number in case of problems down the road.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyers in South Florida

The known various complications of hernia mesh failure or defect may be small and barely noticed. Others report more serious injuries that can include tearing of anatomical structures near the hernia site, local infections at surgical site or widespread septic infections in the bloodstream. Even serious blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes might occur. Find out more by contacting Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyers for a free online case review, or call 305-479-2299 to schedule a free consultation. There are no legal fees unless your case is won.