Synthetic hernia mesh is the target of numerous lawsuits due to defective designs. Hernia Mesh Lawsuit – Do you qualify for settlement? Remember the statute of limitations and don’t miss out on fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Defective Physiomesh

A hernia can be a horribly debilitating malady. That is why some patients have had physiomesh implanted into their bodies. The goal has been to create an area where healthy body cells can grow and replace damaged cells. Unfortunately, physiomesh has not acted, as advertised. It has not led to new cell growth in some patients. In fact, the hernia mesh has migrated to other parts of the body. The synthetic mesh has jagged edges, which could damage internal organs. These complications of hernia mesh could ruin your life. You hoped to have your hernia fixed and the medical device may cause further harm to other parts of your body. The FDA has issued alerts and the manufacturer has lost a lawsuit already. In 2005, there was more than $1 million awarded to the victims of defective physiomesh. Do you qualify? Wouldn’t you like financial compensation for your pain and suffering? The manufacturer established a $184 million hernia mesh lawsuit settlement fund. How does the physiomesh recall impact future lawsuits and settlements? In general, it means that it should be easier to receive financial compensation for personal injury.

Physiomesh Complications

Besides its own failure, some of the key problems raised in a physiomesh lawsuit involve complications. What does this mean? Complications of hernia mesh include migration, deterioration and fracturing. It could damage other internal organs. It could lead to blockages. That is one of the reason why victims might have a tough time knowing if their medical device has failed. It might be wise to discuss this physiomesh recall with your doctor. The complications of hernia mesh failure could be very serious.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Statute of Limitations

You must also remember that there is a statute of limitations for a hernia mesh lawsuit. Therefore, it is wise for you to discuss if you qualify for compensation with one of our professional attorneys. Our Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A. is ready to file a hernia mesh lawsuit on behalf of our clients. We care about your pain and suffering. We demand that you get the just compensation, you deserve. Call us today for your free consultation.