A hernia can be quite debilitating. That is why people have hernia mesh surgery. There are a number of problems that have arisen with the Physiomesh. These could lead to a Physiomesh Lawsuit. Were you injured by Physiomesh? Hernia Mesh Recall Miami FLorida Lawyers!

Hidden Hernia Implant Injuries: Hernia Mesh Recall

If you have had hernia problems before, you know how horrible the pain can be. With your surgery, everything should have been resolved. Has it been resolved? Do you suffer any more pain? Are other parts of your body hurting now? Mesh products have been used to plug holes in the hernia. The mesh must be sturdy, strong, soft and flexible. It must fit your body and move as you move. This mesh is used for both tension-free and laparoscopic tension-free hernia repairs. This mesh acts as a scaffold, so your body can grow new tissue. Numerous complications of hernia mesh have resulted in the product deteriorating or moving to other parts of your body. This has a dual harm. First, it does not cure the hernia problem for which you had the operation. Second, you might now suffer some other maladies due to this mesh migration. Get relief.

Physiomesh Lawsuit – Hernia Mesh Recall

The manufacturer of this medical device must ensure that the design, manufacturing or marketing is in line with proper rules. The Hernia Mesh Recall has found some serious problems with the manufacturer’s product. They can issue a Physiomesh recall, but how does that impact someone with the product inside them? If you have this mesh inside you, you might be worried. You might not understand your options. That is why you need to contact a Physiomesh attorney, like Shamis & Gentile. We can file a Physiomesh Lawsuit on your behalf. We can determine if you were injured. We have access to doctors who can give you a physical examination. Thereafter, we can determine whether this mesh product was the cause. 

Trusted Legal Help – Hernia Mesh Recall Miami Lawyers

Were you injured? You don’t need to suffer due to a faulty medical device. What do you have to lose? We, at the Law Firm of Shamis & Gentile P.A have followed this Physiomesh recall closely. When you hire us, there are NO fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained. If you or a loved one have been harmed by hernia mesh, get the compensation you deserve for your hernia mesh recall – Call today 305-479-2299