A hernia mesh, typically composed of animal or synthetic materials, is a great option to repair a hernia without stressing or stretching the surrounding tissues. While normally a safe procedure, an improperly placed mesh can cause complications and adverse symptoms. The mesh itself can also cause issues, exemplified by the ongoing Ethicon Physiomesh recall. You may need to contact a hernia mesh lawyer if you have these symptoms.

Hernia Recurrence

Recurrence is the most common complication of hernia operations, even when a mesh is used. The return of a hernia can be caused by a mistake during surgery, or a problem with the mesh itself. The surgical mesh can shrink or move, causing you further issues. Hernia recurrence normally requires a second surgery. Second hernia surgeries are typically more challenging and have a higher chance of failure.

Nerve Damage

Moderate to severe pain can persist for weeks or months after a surgical mesh is placed. This pain may be caused by the mesh directly interfering with a nerve. If ignored, this can lead to permanent nerve damage. If your pain persists for weeks or months after surgery, a second surgery may be necessary.

Intestinal Blockage or Perforation

Surgical mesh is normally placed in very close proximity to your bowels, which can lead to complications. The surgical mesh can cause a kink or blockage in your intestines, leading to abdominal pain, bloating, and difficulty with digestion. Surgical mesh can also erode or perforate the lining of your bowels, causing internal bleeding and leakage of intestinal contents. Removal of the surgical mesh is required to allow your body to heal.

Hernia Mesh Infection

Your body can recognize when a foreign substance has been implanted. After a hernia repair with surgical mesh, your body is much more prone to infection as your immune system reacts to the foreign material. While direct treatment of the infection is possible, you may require a second surgery to remove the surgical mesh.

These are just a few of the possible complications of a hernia mesh. These complications are often caused by problems with the mesh itself, or a mistake by your surgeon.

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